Sperm Donation Prices

Sperm donation can be done because of the sperm insufficiency of males and the inability of sperm to fertilize eggs. With this method, doctors will take the mother's egg-cells, and then will fertilize by another sperm and will place in the uterus.

Sperm Donation in Georgia

Sperm Donation, i.e. Sperm Transfer Operation, is preferred by couples who cannot have a baby due to some complications or by single women. There are certain criteria in Georgia regarding Sperm Donation.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in Single Gene Disorders

Single genetic disorders are genetic diseases resulting from the degradation of the functions of the units, which we call as "gene" that is encoded on our DNA. It is well known that these kinds of genetic disorders increase in case that the spouses are relatives.

Pregnant with Egg Donation

First of all, having a baby is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, but unfortunately, it is unlikely that some people don't have babies. For this reason, of course, you can also have a baby by taking advantage of technology and the development of medicine.

Mitochondrial DNA Measurement

Mitochondria is an organelle that provides energy for the embryo and, also, has a lot of functions for cells. There are hundreds of mitochondria in egg-cells and embryos, which each has its DNA.

Prices of the IVF Center

Many IVF centers are serving and finding donors for mothers and fathers who want to have children with the IVF method. The IVF center, which is a new treatment method, sometimes scares people with its prices.

LIM-15 PCNA Gene Expression Test

Sperm cells are such cells that are proliferated by meiosis and showing that meiosis is active in the testis tissue and is an important indicator of whether spermatogenesis occurs in azoospermic men. In this sense, the identification of the proteins involved in meiosis provides important findings of sperm production.

Is Surrogacy a Sin?

Surrogacy is one of the methods preferred for a couple who can not have children. Although this method is prohibited in some countries, it is legal in countries like Georgia. For this reason, couples who prefer this method generally prefer Georgia because of the legal procedures.

Is Egg Donation "Haram"?

Thanks to IVF methods in recent years, many people achieve their dream of becoming a parent. Sometimes, spouses cannot have children due to problems that are not diagnosed, and some conditions require medical treatment.

Is Egg Donation Legal in Georgia?

Answer to this question is yes If you think about this option to have a baby. The in vitro fertilization centers in Georgia are places that combine technology and human sensitivity and act fastidiously, and you can choose it with no worry.

Web - Women's Club about Georgian IVF center

Sometimes due to male sperm or female egg inadequacy, couples can not have children despite their wishes. In some societies, this problem is thought to be embarrassing for people, but it should not be forgotten that it is just an illness.

Is Egg Donation Religiously Permissible?

You may have many unsuccessful attempts to become a parent. And, you may be thinking that you can no longer have a baby. But first of all, You should know that there are many ways to become a parent, but not every method is appropriate from a religious perspective.

Egg, Sperm, Embryo Donation and Surrogate Mother

Some of the IVF treatment methods, we have carried out as Atlas Clinic, are prohibited in many countries by-laws. We help people who request this treatment method, with their transportation to the clinic and finding accommodation in Georgia.

For Who is the Egg Freezing Process Suitable?

1) Who applied to the egg freezing process?

To simplify the synchronization between the donor and the egg cell receiver during the administration of the donation therapy;

Egg Donation Success Rates

First of all, you can always be a family that wants to have a baby, but in this regard, you may be very lucky or you may be very unlucky.