Is Egg Donation "Haram"?

Is Egg Donation "Haram"?

Although it is not accepted in some societies, for many years, couple have a child with With egg donation which is one of the methods of IVF, the donor's eggs and the spouse's sperms which fertilized in a laboratory setting are transferred to the mother candidates who do not have enough egg and therefore cannot get pregnant.

What is Egg Donation?

With specialist doctors working in Georgia's IVF Center, you can have a healthy baby without having to worry. Those who use the method of IVF to become pregnant by utilizing the donation of the egg can become pregnant as a result of placing embryos in the uterus which fertilized by the eggs of fertile and healthy mothers who donate their extra eggs to the bank and sperm from their mates. After tests, the pregnancy of the mother is learned with the pregnancy hormone. Moreover, with medical tests and miracles like PGD, now sick infant births and genetic disorders are prevented. For a healthy and safe pregnancy are transferred promising embryos, and pregnancy is ensured by egg donation. With a preimplantation genetic diagnosis, gender determination can also be done before egg donation. Thus, couples both can find a solution to the problem, and they can have a girl or a boy child according to their wishes.

Pregnancy with Egg Donation

Women who have not had any menstruation and cannot have the reproductive cells necessary for healthy ovulation want to be a mother by applying to the treatment of egg donation. With this method, women who are over 40 years old and have never been a mother can also have babies. Even though it is not accepted in many countries, many women, who are longing for a baby, want to become pregnant with the donation of eggs, and through this method, you can bring healthy babies to the world.