Egg, Sperm, Embryo Donation and Surrogate Mother

Atlas Clinical Services

  • Egg Donation (Egg Transplant) - This treatment method is applied in cases such as menopause, early menopause, chromosomal disorders, hormonal problems, removing of the ovary.
  • Sperm Donation; This process is using in cases where there is no sperm in the seminal fluid or the man has some chromosomal disorders.
  • Embryo Donation - For using this treatment, both couples must not have reproductive cells or they must have chromosomal disorders.
  • Piezoelectric Micro-injection - It is using by those who have fertilization problems. A Piezo pulse that generated ultra-fast submicron forward momentum using flat-tipped micropipettes without bevel or spike may cause membrane breakage.
  • PGT Genetic Diagnosis - Through this method, we can get more information about the embryo and its genetic diseases. This diagnosis is used to get samples from the embryo for biopsy.
  • Detailed Chromosome Screening - In this case, is used extensive processes for making genetic screening on embryos. So, the structural examination of chromosomes can be done.
  • Egg Freezing - It is used before chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments when it is necessary to remove the eggs and when women have a risk of early menopause.
  • ERA Test - It is a test to evaluate whether the uterus will accept the embryo or not. The uterus will check to see if it is healthy for birth.
  • Surrogacy - It is an application that is used for those whose uterus has been removed, those who do not have a uterus, those whose uterine structures are not suitable. The family couple will select the surrogate. For the selection of surrogate mothers, the exchange of all types of information is carried out by the clinic.