Web - Women's Club about Georgian IVF center

Web - Women's Club about Georgian IVF center

For the problem of not being able to have a baby due to male or female problems, the possibility of having a baby is provided by the science of medicine through IVF treatment. With the treatments provided by IVF centers, you can be a parent after your subsequent attempts if not the first attempt, with methods such as egg donation, sperm donation, or embryo donation. Millions of members of IVF center women's clubs share problems about not having a baby and want recommendations. Based on the comments from the women's club of Georgia IVF Center, which is the most frequently mentioned center, you can learn from the Georgian IVF centers about why you can not have a baby and how to get treatment.


If the reason for your non-pregnancy, despite regular relationship and healthy sexual life, due to a male origin, then treatment with inoculation is performed. In cases where severe sperm impairment is not present, the problem of inability to get pregnant can be removed with the preferred inoculation. Both males and females, i.e. couples, are taken to doctor follow-up for inoculation. During this process, regular and efficient ovulation of the female is ensured with the help of physician intervention and control. Many women are talking about the menstruation irregularities and the fact that they can not get pregnant in the IVF center women's club. Those irregularities are being treated for inoculation. Once the menstrual cycle becomes regular, healthy eggs in the uterus are cracked by a cracking needle (çatlatma iğnesi). The sperm was taken in the laboratory and subjected to certain procedures, is injected 34-40 hours after cracking to the uterus. The egg and sperm are thus brought together in a short time for fertilization. Inoculation is the easiest and painless treatment. Through this treatment, which takes not much time and does not require anesthesia, pregnancy may report after 14 days.

Egg and Sperm Transfer

The problem of pregnancy can not always be solved by treatments as easy as inoculation. As the members of IVF center women's club expressed, many women are unable to get pregnant because of losing the ovulation feature that was earned later or inborn infertility, or not having enough eggs. For such a problem, egg donation treatment is the best solution. One of the best options is the Georgian IVF centers which can treat you with a 100% success rate of treatment and you can learn that you are pregnant 12 days after the treatment started. In the process of egg donation, the healthy egg obtained from the egg donor is fertilized by the sperm of the spouse and transferred to the female uterus.