Prices of the IVF Center

Prices of the IVF Center

Georgian IVF Center, which is one of the best treatment centers, Provides service at a suitable price.

It is important to note, that sometime the problem does not arise from mother or father. For some reason, one of the parent sperm/egg-cell can be incompatible. So, In this case, the center provides other treatment methods.

Pregnancy can be achieved with the donation of eggs and sperm. There may be bilateral problems for some spouses. In other words, both female and male cells are not enough to have children. In some cases, this situation is congenital. In such a disease, useful is embryo donation, which is one of the methods of Test Tube Baby, When pregnancy is being provided by embryo transfer to the mother candidate, which had fertilized with sperm or egg, taken from other men and women.

Egg Donation

If the problem of pregnancy is because of the lack of ovary or there are no female ovaries at all, fertilized cells, which is fertilized by the taken eggs from the egg donors, who donate the extra eggs to the bank and the sperm from her spouse, will transfer to the uterus of the mother.

For egg donation, the chosen clinic and donor are very important. One of the best centers that serve this purpose is Georgia test tube baby (IVF) centers. In Georgian IVF centers, where you can immediately start treatment without waiting, you can see egg donation treatment with live eggs that are taken from fertile and healthy donors.

IVF center offers treatments for more Affordable prices in Georgia.

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is a method, which is applied to patients who can not provide pregnancy with their sperm, for example, Azoospermia, when man's semen contains no sperm. Normal fertilization of sperm is carried out with transferring healthy eggs and healthy sperm which is taken from sperm banks to mother candidates who can not get pregnant with her spouse's sperm.

The patient can choose the donor by helping the center. Preferably, the client can bring the donor or the center will provide it for the client. The treatment process is initiated by completing the necessary examinations for sperm donation. The embryos obtained from the sperm donation can be stored frozen for possible failure or retest if the excess is higher than expected or need. Apart from Georgian test tube baby center prices, patients need to pay a small fee for freezing. With the help of teams of well-known test tube baby centers, known for successful test tube baby treatments, you can reach the pregnancy outcome with IVF methods and a single treatment process.