For Who is the Egg Freezing Process Suitable?

For Who is the Egg Freezing Process Suitable?

To reach to a certain number of egg cells and increase the success in the applied treatment at the moment of fertilization for couples with low egg production,

To women who delay having a baby to old ages because of social reasons, namely, career plans and they are worried about losing their fertility because of the progress of their age,

For women who have been diagnosed with cancer, the egg freezing process can be done before the starting cancer treatments, by considering that the ovaries will be damaged.

2) How applied to the egg freezing process?

The egg cell needs to be removed from the body so that it can freeze under the right conditions. To provide the appropriate amount of egg development, before the application is carried out, medical treatment which is expressed as ovulation induction is applied. Among the egg cells collected by the general anesthesia method, the developed and high-quality ones are selected by examining one by one and received among them. These cells are subjected to the freezing process, together with the vitrification method. During this time, the woman receives medical care, and the freezing process lasts approximately 10 and 15 days.

3) What is the success rate of the egg freezing process?

Women egg-cells that have been frozen at an early age have better quality and are healthier than current ages. Frozen egg-cells keep the conditions and characteristics of the time, when they were taken from the woman's ovary. Unfortunately, the rate of pregnancy with frozen egg-cells of women, who are over 40 years old, decreases. Approximately 90% of viability provides eggs frozen in inappropriate ages. 8 or 9 out of every 10 frozen eggs can maintain their vitality.

4) Early menopause should not prevent having a baby

There is a risk of early menopause for women whose family is prone to enter menopause early. Because of this reason, the egg freezing procedure at an early age will increase the possibility of having a baby for those women. Early menopause disorder is not something that can be prevented by the conditions of today. However, it is always up to you to be able to use your right to have a baby.

Apart from all these, egg freezing can be carried out when the eggs are ready to be collected during the administration of the IVF (test tube baby) treatment and when sperm receipt from the male is not possible. So, the collected eggs are not wasted and can be used again for IVF treatment.

Egg freezing can be applied to women who are worried about being pregnant. Using this method, women can become pregnant at any age.