Sperm Donation in Georgia

Sperm Donation in Georgia

In Georgia, the Sperm Donation process is carried out after a detailed examination, whether the male candidate has a health problem or has any genetic disorder, which can be transferred to the baby. Not only Georgia, but many other countries that use this method determine criteria very cautiously and examine the candidates for the treatment.

General Information About Sperm Donation Procedure

Egg-cells of women, willing to get pregnant via the method, are kept in the laboratory and some tests are made. If the procedure takes place similarly with the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment, the medicine will be injected from the abdomen of the female on the 2nd or 3rd day of her menstrual cycle, and a couple of weeks after this procedure, well-matured egg-cells will extracted from the uterus. 35-36 hours later, these eggs are fertilized with sperms, kept in the laboratory. This way, the embryo will be formed. If it’s only a transfer procedure, eggs of female candidates are kept ready and after becoming well-matured, the splitting syringe is applied. After 35-36 hours, sperms are injected carefully into the egg-cells.

Having a Child via Sperm Donation

Sperm Donation prices are quite affordable in Georgia, and not only the procedure but also other needs of the applicants are met with good quality. The criteria of the chosen candidates and their genetic features are determined beforehand, so the candidates who are going to make a choice are well-informed. The treatment takes place after the candidates make their choices. Candidate donors are tested carefully and examined whether they have any risk of a communicable disease or any other problem. If there is any risk, sperm donation is not accepted. Many couples successfully have a baby as a result of Egg Transfer Procedure or Sperm Donation, however, some couples could not succeed. The level of success depends on the reasoning that is preventing a couple from having a child. You can get more information from the institutions that are practicing the treatment.