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To reach the level of requesting to have a baby, you must entirely evaluate your life. You must interrogate whether you can take the responsibility of a baby or not, and you must consider that you will have a baby while you shape your life. To have a baby you must satisfy the living standards.

Egg Donation in Georgia, Tbilisi, Batumi

Many people do not get positive results from studies that they have done to have children, and therefore decide to administer in vitro fertilization. However, in vitro fertilization method does not always have a 100% success rate which gives positive results.

Egg Donation Center

The egg-cell donation, in other words, egg transferring process.

In the egg donation center, the egg-cell transfer is applied to women, who want to be pregnant. Egg donation is a hopeful method for women who lost their hope about being pregnant.

Woman's Age and Tube Baby in 5 Steps

1) What is the effect of a woman's age on treatment?

One of the most important factors contributing to the success of IVF treatment is the age of the woman. Although there is a wide range of treatment options available for all types of male infertility, for now, the greatest obstacle that comes out during the treatment is the fact that the woman's age is high.

Which country for in vitro fertilisation?

Georgia or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)?

In vitro fertilization is a source of hope for the couples who cannot have a baby for several reasons. In vitro fertilization, which was costly and not supported by the government in the past, is currently legal and

Where is Surrogacy carried out?

Clinics provide extra services for the ladies who are taking on a holy task as a surrogate mother. It will be very easy for you to realize your motherhood or fatherhood sensations using these well-known developments.

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

After Next Generation Sequencing-NGS devices started to use for the diagnosis of genetic diseases, the method of analysis called Whole Exome Sequencing, which has been adapted and developed on these devices.

What is the egg donation?

What is egg donation (egg Transfer)?

Egg donation is a fertility treatment for women who are unable to produce own eggs or at high risk of transmitting genetic disease.

Who is the Egg Freezing Applied to?

Nowadays, the egg freezing with a flash-freezing technique, called vitrification, offers women the possibility to be a mother even in advanced age. Due to the increase in the level of education of women, the extension of their educational life and the joining of them inactive professional life, they have delayed marriage and baby plans.

Those Mothers with Egg Donation

Having a baby is a dream for every happy couple, but due to some health problems, this may not be possible. Egg donation is an effective solution for women who can not become a mother with their eggs. Pregnancy can be created by live egg transplantation obtained from healthy donors.

Test Tube Baby, PGD Makers

Test Tube Baby, PGD Makers (it will be better - Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis procedure.)

Test Tube baby

Test tube baby is the process of transferring embryos, which are formed as a result of the fertilization of the egg taken from the female and the sperm from the male in the appropriate laboratory environment to the female uterus.

What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Egg Freezing Process?

1) What are the advantages of egg freezing process?

One of the most important reasons for the decline in pregnancy rates along with women's age is that the increase in age causes a decline in the quality of the egg cells.

The price of the egg donation

People who want to have a baby can not always have a baby when they want in natural ways. In particular, It is much more difficult for elderly people to have a baby in natural ways. But nowadays nothing is impossible.

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Along with technological development, important steps have been taken in medicine as well. Families, especially those who can not have babies, are trying to find solutions from this situation. Naturally, Every family wants to have children. However, there are a few families who can not have babies.

Surrogacy Center

In this center, you can find and learn information about Surrogacy. Its concept is that the baby grows in the uterus of a woman who is not the real mother of the baby.