Surrogacy in Georgia

IVF clinic atlas in Georgia offers you a great opportunity to create your own happiness, with a good mix of surrogacy options, personalized services, and pregnancy success rates.

Our clinic will communicate with you during your journey, to evaluate donor and surrogate applicants, and answer any questions you may have about our surrogacy program before traveling to Georgia. For creating your own happiness first you need to take some steps:

Step 1 Communication

First, you need to contact our highly qualified Coordinators Amy and Tamar. Amy is your key contact sources during your entire surrogacy journey. Her superior programs offer a quality of support beyond comparison to our planned parents. With Amy you can be more confident because she will set you on the right step.

After you accept our program, the coordinator will connect you with our legal team for the contract, payment, and legal phases.

Step 2 Finding Surrogate Mother

The second steps are important because the relationship between you and your surrogate mother will form the basis for the most rewarding surrogacy experience. With your help, our team will create a parent profile to tried to find a surrogate mother.

Our surrogate mothers are prepared physically, mentally and psychologically to enter into a surrogacy relationship before even the matching process starts. Our pre-screening process ensures admission is only for the most eligible applicants.

Step 3 Contracts & Legalities

The Republic of Georgia is a destination where opportunities for family-building hit a height. Our lawyer Tamar Abramidze will guide you in this journey and will help you understand the Georgia law. Our legal team offers individual services to help make this journey less stressful, less costly. Tamila has been carefully selected to defend you in ways you'd never imagined. He will address the program's contract and legalities process with a good knowledge of Georgia's surrogacy laws.

Our team will also explain to you the payment process, which is received during your entire surrogacy trip in 4 phases. You will move on with the medical stages of the surrogacy agreement after all parties have signed the contracts.

Step 4 Medical Service

This is the main step to your happiness. And you do not need to worry, because our experienced doctors will take care of everything. Our clinical director, Evren Armutcu, is beholding renowned infertility and reproductive medicine talent with high-tech engineering expertise setting the level that other IVF clinics can only aspire to.

Evren leads a team that boasts a multi-talented creative capacity to effectively treat infertility and conduct world-class surrogacy procedures when passion and compassion need to take a back seat to reproductive medicine. Your surrogacy experience is in the hands of professional care. If you want to continue your prescription and treatment at home, we can plan it too. Our team will advise and monitor your chosen surrogate mother to get her prescription started in Georgia.

Testing at your local fertility clinic may be required. Our coordinator will give you information on the exact steps to be taken to start the IVF process.

Step 5 Travel to Tbilisi

When you travel to Tbilisi for surrogacy, you become an intended parent, who joins a global family, with a thousand people, searching the happiness. All the individuals united because the willing to build their families with love.

To join our family you have two options:

  1. Entire treatment process taking place in Georgia, You would need to be in Georgia for 15-20 days from the 2nd day of your menstrual cycle.
  2. All preliminary testing you can take in your home town, but you would need to come to Georgia about 7-9 days.

Following the completion of the IVF process, intended parents will fly home and expect the glorious news of the pregnancy test. Over the whole surrogate pregnancy, we will continue to monitor and care for the surrogate.

Step 6 Happiness

After the birth of your baby, we can begin the final steps. Our legal team will help you to get a birth certificate and other required legal documents and then you can take your baby home. Come and create your own happiness.