Surrogate Motherhood in Georgia

​In vitro fertilization is method of transferring of vitellines and sperms of mother and father, who cannot have a child in natural way, into the uterus of mother. In this processing, sperm and vitelline belong to family. This processing is applied at in vitro fertilization centers in Turkey and Georgia. Apart from that, sperm donation treatment is not carried out because of genetic disorder, infertility, exiguity of sperm number and quality of sperm in father. Sperm donation, in other words sperm transferring is injection of sperm donated by a sperm donor into woman who desired to have a baby. This sperm donation is not legal in Turkey, but in Georgia it is legal and carried out in qualified techniques. Also, costs of this donation are so economic. Egg donation is a method in which is applied only in case that woman had a miscarriage and that the uterus is too small to be able to carry a baby and that the menopause exists and the pregnancy threatens the life of mother. Vitelline donation is transferring of vitellines gained from egg donor and of sperms gained from father into uterus of mother by being united in laboratory environment. This method is banned in a lot of country, but especially in Georgia it is applied frequently in reliable ways.

Georgia In Vitro Fertilization Methods

​We can recommend you the method of Surrogate Motherhood in Georgia if you do not have any baby yet as a result of methods that we suggested. In Georgia, surrogate motherhood entered in force legally. In Georgia, surrogate motherhood is done in exchange for rent and voluntarily. In Georgia, surrogate motherhood is protected extremely good by legislation, and is offered to service of mother and father in economically appropriate prices If you benefit from surrogate motherhood method, first of all you must be married. in addition to this, whole legal rights are conferred to father and mother who desire to have a baby. After baby is given birth, it never will be seen by the surrogate mother. One of the reasons to be mostly preferred of this processing is that your baby is formed by your sperm and vitelline. Surrogate mother onyl carries the baby in her uterus. A genetic factor is never taken from the surrogate mother. Health agentas were founded because this method is mostly preferred around the world.

How Can Someone Become a Surrogate Motherhood in Georgia?

​Whole genetic features of baby, who you would have by means of a surrogate mother, is taken from mother and father. In addition to this, all legal rights is conferred to mother and father. Surrogate mother have to have her own child. In addition to this surrogate mother have to have no bad habits such as alcohol, cigarette and drug. Before the transferring processing, the surrogate mother cannot undergo abortion according to agreement made in company with a notary. In clinics in Georgia you can fulfill all processes within two days.