Atlas In Vitro Fertilization and Donation Center

Atlas In Vitro Fertilization and Donation Center

You have to have a good marriage, a communication based on love and conscious character. After you feel ready in these points, you can desire to have a baby. So, are there some obstacles for you to have a baby? The answer to this question is yes. Around the world, many couples can not become mother and father because of some hormonal disorders. You must take the necessary test to evaluate whether you have healthy physical features to have a baby or not. After the tests and evaluations, it can be said that you can't have a baby. You can accept this situation, but never give up. Medicine has taken some steps in terms of having a child. Couples, who have felt a longing for years, can, fortunately, have a baby. Important point is to follow the processing and not to lose hope. Atlas Clinic has made necessary studies about this topic and followed the developments closely. It continues its studies in countries such as Russia, England, Germany, Cyprus, and Georgia. It has an important place using developed technological devices and final explored implementations. The clinic has a professional team, who pays attention as providing medical support, as following the necessary procedures and supporting in legal processes.

Tests and treatments within clinics are quite differentiated. Egg-cell Donation is preferred in case, that there are early menopause, hormonal diseases, another disease, for example, a woman has chromosomal problems or doesn't have a uterus. Egg-cells are donated by a young female donor and then these eggs are becoming into an embryo with sperms.

In Georgia egg donation is legal, but there are legal limitations for becoming a donor. Donors must be between 21-30 years old and should have a minimum one child. It is obligatory to make a confidentiality agreement.

Studies about infectious before diseases, physical and mental disorders are made. (Donors are tested about infectious disease and genetic disorders.)

This choice can be made by the clinic itself or by yourself.

Sperm Donation is, also, a treatment method, which one is used in the case when there is no sperm in the ejaculate and any sperm is seen in biopsy and there are chromosomal problems about sperm.

Samples of sperms and eggs gained from donors are transformed into an embryo and then it will be transferred into the uterus of a woman. This procedure is legal in Georgia. You can choose the donor or the clinic will do it. Finding donors between 21-35 years is obligatory.

The donor had a child before. Donors are tested about infectious disease and genetic disorders. Embryo donation is a method that is preferred in case there is a problem in both father and mother. It is legally applied in Georgia. It must be applied within the same rules.

People preferred as a donor, a person who does not has an infectious disease or genetic disorders.

By making a confidentiality agreement, the general legal process is followed.

Piezo Electric Microinjection is a treatment method preferred for patients who have fertilization problems. It used when there is no mobility in sperms. The electrical current in the micro-level is given to the egg-cell. PGT Genetic Diagnosis is a test used to follow embryos occurring through in vitro fertilization. It is practiced by giving biopsy samples. It is practiced to research some situations such as in vitro fertilization trying, miscarriage and genetic diseases.

The margin of error is too little if the implementation is carried out according to test results.

Detailed chromosome scanning is performed in the case that genetic scanning is necessary for embryos. It is preferred to make extensive examinations. It is effective in determining treatment methods for non-occurrence of the pregnancy, failed in vitro fertilization treatments and genetic problems.

Egg Freezing: This procedure is used before chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are necessary for cancer patients. It is also used in the case when the ovary must be removed. The clinic is using this method also in the case when family members have the risk of early menopause. Egg freezing, which has huge demand now, is practiced by women who make a career plan. There are not any legal limitations or prohibitions that are enacted about this application.