Who is the Egg Freezing Applied to?

Who is the Egg Freezing Applied to?

All those reasons have been effective in the popularity of egg freezing.

Also, since the effect of cancer types started to be seen more often in the society, the administered treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy destroy the ovaries of women and the women who want to be a mother demand this application, this administration has been continuously tried to be improved. Egg freezing is a treatment that gives women opportunities to be mothers. The right of fertility which is postponed by their own will or necessity, whatever the reason is, is given to them with the help of medicine. Although there are some restrictions on this issue in our country, the egg freezing process, which especially cancer patients started to benefit by presenting their medical reports, will begin to be presented to every woman in the coming years.

By using vitrification techniques, the rates of pregnancies obtained through frozen and dissolved eggs have increased. Along with the stimulation of the ovaries of women, the eggs collected are subjected to freezing for ten days. If the egg freezing process will be done due to cancer treatment, in this case, the ovaries of women did not stimulate by hormones. Because hormones can be harmful to patients with cancer. The ovaries are usually frozen for these women.

Why do women prefer the egg freezing process?

This treatment is carried out because women want to be a mother rather than a necessity. Women postpone the pregnancy and the baby that they regard as an obstacle in their career, to a time when they consider suitable. The woman should have good quality and healthy egg cells, that she can become pregnant as a result of this postponement. However, women, unfortunately, can not maintain their fertility ability to advanced ages like men. When women are born, they have a certain number of egg cells. With puberty, they have to spend their egg cells even if they are not pregnant. Egg cells gradually decrease after each menstrual period. When they reach 35 years old, the reduction rate of egg reserves increases. Women start to lose their fertility properties after this age. When they reach 40 years old, the fertility rate falls to 5%. Egg freezing allows women to delay their productivity and the opportunity to get pregnant.

Not only women who are planning to be pregnant in advanced ages but also women who are exposed to ovarian damage due to different diseases at a young age can also use this treatment. If there are factors such as removal of ovaries with surgery due to these diseases, the fact that ovarian tissue is damaged because of applications like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the egg freezing gives women the right to become a mother after recovery.

Who is the egg freezing applied to?

It can be applied to women who prefer to delay having a baby;

to women who delay having a baby because of factors such as the intensity in women's work life, the delay in marriage, and problems within the family. Those women are advised that they should freeze their eggs before they are 35 years old.

Because the eggs preserve the quality of the age they were frozen.

This factor, which will increase the chance of pregnancy in the future, is very important. Attention should be paid to these factors to have healthy babies. The risk of pregnancies in advanced ages can be prevented by the egg freezing process.

Women whose ovaries will remove with surgery due to any disease: If the ovaries except for the uterus need to be removed surgically because of diseases caused by a woman's reproductive system, woman's maternity right and opportunity can be protected by egg freezing. When those women want to be a mother in the future, the embryos that are fertilized by the sperm received from the man, are placed in the woman's uterus and pregnancy can be obtained.

For women who are receiving cancer treatment: Chemotherapy and radiotherapy practices in cancer treatments destroy the ovaries of women. Thus, women can not become mothers after cancer treatment. Eggs that were frozen before treatment are thawed in the period that woman desired after the treatment and she is provided to be pregnant.

During the IVF treatment: Eggs received from the woman and the sperm received from the man fertilized in the laboratory setting during the IVF treatment. However, in some couples, sperm can not be obtained from the man after the egg has been obtained from the woman. In this case, the woman's eggs are frozen and they are used later.

For women who are worried about becoming pregnant: If women are afraid of not getting pregnant due to their advanced age, they may want to have their eggs frozen without any reason. This treatment can be done for women who want to delay their fertility to advanced ages.

If there are close relatives of the woman entering early menopause in the family: Genetic properties for women are regarded as risk factors for fertility. Women having relatives who entered early menopause in their family, even at a young age, enter the menopause and may lose their fertility. Egg freezing process also can be done for those women.

Women whose ovarian reserve decreased:

Women who are determined that their ovarian reserve decreased are suitable for egg freezing. The decrease in ovarian reserve is a factor that will affect both the number of eggs and the quality of the eggs. Although women have achieved pregnancy with natural ways like that, most likely, a miscarriage situation or the birth of a baby with congenital anomaly occurs. Therefore, the egg freezing process is also suitable for these women.