Egg Donation Center

Egg Donation Center

In this method, egg-cell gained from another woman is transferred to a woman who wants to become pregnant.

Egg Freezing Processing

Women who lost their hope to become pregnant come to an egg donation center.

So, who can appeal egg donation?

Women, who have infertility problems because of genetic reasons, or go through early menopause, and have hormonal and chromosomal problems or whose ovary had taken, can apply to this method. These problems do not mean that these women cannot have a baby. though this method an egg-cell is taken from another woman and is transferred to a woman who wants to become pregnant, this is in vitro fertilization. If you tried in the Vitro fertilization method and became successful in this with your husband, you can prefer egg transferring processing.

In the egg donation method, a woman gives their egg-cells to egg donation centers as a donor.

After you give up about in vitro fertilization, the first thing that you will think is to adopt a child. But this is a long and difficult process, and maybe you can want to give birth to yourself. At this point, the best method is the egg transferring method. Many tests are applied to women who will donate their egg-cells. Therefore do not worry about their health.

Where is the egg Donation method Legal?

You can abstain from egg transferring. But you can adopt this idea by thinking that you will become pregnant with your child and will give birth by yourself and will suckle your child. In Georgia, in the egg donation center, this processing is applied legally. Also, you would not spend money as you spend on the in vitro fertilization center. Also, the quality of the egg is important, so because of this many health tests are applied to the donor. These tests consist of tests such as permanent diseases, physical examinations and psychological examinations which are thought that they can pass to the child. The egg-cell is taken from women who are between 18 and 30 years old and have at least one child.

You can apply the egg transfer process without worry. Also, you can see the photos of a person whose eggs are transferred and you can choose the donors according to their physical features.