What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Egg Freezing Process?

What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Egg Freezing Process?

Since egg freezing is doing in younger ages for women, even if the woman's age is increased, the egg cell still keeps the characteristics of the age, when it was received. Those frozen eggs(even after many years), will provide the opportunity for women to get pregnant at high rates with in vitro fertilization treatment.

Those women, who have cancer treatment, can have a baby after the treatment with the egg freezing process. Those women, who got cancer, have a feeling of great sorrow as they think that they cannot have a baby. The radiation therapy, given to the body during the treatment, causes damage to the ovaries, which are sensitive areas of women, due to the heavy effects of the medicines. Women will lose the chance of having children after they have been treated, even if they regain their health. Women's rights to have children after their healing period will be preserved with the egg freezing process.

Egg freezing is a very important medical development for women, who have both increased age and cancer. About 90% of ovarian tissue dies when women have cancer treatment at an early age. Every woman has her egg "reservoir" along with the birth. Those women, who consume these eggs in the "reservoir", enter the period of menopause.

The egg cells maintain their health conditions when the eggs, which become unable to be used due to cancer treatment, are subject to the egg freezing process before the treatment. The eggs, which are frozen before cancer treatment, can remain healthy and young. There is no storage period for this as well. Opportunity for having a baby is provided by unfreezing the eggs at the desired time until the woman's healing process. Unmarried and single women, who are cancer patients, can also benefit from this practice. Even though there are legal restrictions on this issue in Turkey, this restriction was moderated for the benefit of women, who are cancer patients. There is no inconvenience in carrying out the egg freezing process for those women, who have a medical reason. While immature eggs were frozen before, mature eggs are frozen with the new developments now. These eggs are more resistant to the freezing process. The surrounding cells are cleaned after collecting the eggs and are subjected to the freezing process.

2 ) What are the disadvantages of the egg freezing process?

The disadvantage of the egg freezing process is the ethical responsibility of women to become a mother in their late ages when their reproductive function is lost, meaning after entering the period of menopause. This factor is considered as the disadvantage of the process.

3) Egg freezing technology helps to increase the woman's age of becoming a mother

Women, who freeze their eggs at their young ages, have the opportunity to become pregnant at any age they want when they feel ready to become a mother. There is no age restriction on this issue as well. Women can have children when they want, even at the age of 50 or 60.

Since the frozen egg cell has the characteristics of the age it was frozen in, the baby to be born becomes very healthy. The only concern on this issue will be carrying out the ethical responsibility of becoming a mother in a late period. When the average lifetime of women is accepted as 75 years old, a woman becoming a mother at 60 years old will have the responsibility of leaving her child motherless when he/she is 15.

Although the sexual productivity of women is at the highest levels in the ages of '20s, the fact that they do not have a vision of egg freezing in these ages, and if any, that they do not have the financial possibility needed for this process is a very big obstacle in the egg freezing process. Both egg collection is troublesome, and those drugs that are required to be used to increase egg production are costly. Even if there is a need for the egg collection process, these factors may cause their failure. Women's fertility, which is the most natural right of women, should not be taken from her due to such reasons, and they should be allowed to benefit from egg freezing treatment.