Surrogacy Center

Surrogacy Center

This case which is not common in Turkey is used frequently in some countries. It is a method to become a mother in which is applied in the case that there is a health risk for a woman to carry a baby in her uterus. You can make a contact with a surrogacy center, then agree with a woman, then you can request her to carry your child in her uterus, and you can make it real.

First of all, we want to share the procedures.

Germ cells, in other words, sperm and egg-cell took from mother and father. These germ cells are fertilized in a laboratory environment and this fertilized embryo is placed into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Biological mother and father become the real parents of the baby, on the other hand, the woman who gave birth to the baby becomes the surrogate mother. This process is a method that can be applied for men who desire to have a baby without marriage, but it is generally applied for some health problems or temporary reasons. Even though surrogate mother transfer made with surrogacy center is similar to in Vitro fertilization, they are different in terms of technique. Because this is a method that a baby grows up in uterus of its mother. It is a process that is applied for mother and father who cannot have a baby in a natural way and provides a 70% pregnancy rate to parents. Especially in Georgia, this process is carried out in a quite healthy and qualified environment.

How is In Vitro Fertilization Implementation?

In vitro fertilization implementation starts with the acquisition of germ cells of real parents of baby, in other words, acquisition of sperm and egg-cells. These gained germ cells will unit, and the occurrence of the embryo in an external environment is fulfilled. The Formed embryos will put into the uterus of the real mother, and then the baby will grow up there.

In vitro fertilization implementation is practiced by unmarried persons. Persons who want to have a baby without marriage can have a baby using sperm and egg donation. Moreover, they can make it real inappropriate cost and qualified and healthy ways.

Egg and Sperm Donation Prices

At first, the prices are shaped by the wishes of the customer but it can be said that they are reasonable. Then we can start to explain what egg and sperm donations are. Persons who want to have a baby can buy sperm from a sperm bank and can fertilize this sperm with egg-cell and can provide the fitting of this embryo into the uterus of the mother. We can say that only health sperms can survive in this process.