Surrogate Motherhood treatment may be performed due to a variety of reasons (for example, women whose uterus have been removed due to any cause, women not having uterus since they were born (MRKH Syndrome), women who can not be pregnant due to uterine structure, recurrent pregnancy losses, other health reasons).

​In this operation, the egg of the mother and sperm of father are fertilized in lab environment, the embryos are formed and the appropriate embryo is placed into the uterus of surrogate mother.

​This process should not be confused with donation (eggs, sperm transplantation). Baby receives her/his genetic structure from her/his real parents. The baby does not have any genetic bond with surrogate mother. If there is a problem in the mother's and father's reproductive cells that prevents them from having a baby, the egg, sperm or embryo donation can also be added to the treatment. The surrogate mother can not be an egg donor at the same time.


Legal Process: It is very important and covers the process from decision stage until the time you take your baby home. Contract content: The country where operation will be conducted and laws of the country are very important in terms of both the family and the surrogate mother.

Determination of Surrogate Mother: Firstly, a healthy surrogate mother should be determined in terms of the psychological and physical aspects. Surrogate mother must be in the age range allowed by the legislation (18-35), and must have had a healthy birth before. Surrogate mother must have a regular and healthy lifestyle. Surrogate mother must be subjected to a detailed physical and psychological screening.

​IVF Treatment and Pregnancy Process: The clinic where IVF treatment process is to be performed must be in a country where the laws allow the mother to be surrogate mother. In addition, the clinic should have legal authority to give necessary documents for performing surrogate motherhood operation and for providing the baby with recording to the family's registry when the baby is born. The clinic should be physically suitable and have an experienced team. The necessary examinations and analysis during pregnancy should be made on time fully and the family should be informed in detail.

Surrogate motherhood has been legally carried out for years in Georgia. Every step of the treatment procedure is closely monitored by the health and justice ministry and, ministries provide that the parties are not harmed during the surrogate motherhood process.

The name of real mother, not surrogate mother, is written for all of your baby's official records (hospital, passport, registry). We, with our experienced team, will be together with you through our most economical prices by the time you make the most important decision, in the stages of the detailed description of the procedure, the determination of the surrogate mother, all legal contracts, the scheduling of your medical procedures, appointments, transportation, accommodation organization, guidance, the organization of the birth, helping in the next legal process and returning to your home with your baby.

​All of your operations will be carried out under confidentiality rules.