24 sure array CGH; (PGS) 24 chromosome technology can screen 24 chromosomes in a very short time like 12 hours with 24 Sure and SurePlex systems by way of new developments in DNA micro array techniques in preimplantation genetic screening, and choosing the competent embryo can be possible. Aneuploidy screenings, which are made with FISH until now and 5-12 chromosomes can be examined in, give its place to array CGH technologies.


Advanced mother age,

Repeating miscarriages,

Failed IVF attempts.

​Choosing of embryo, which has a high potential of forming pregnancy for single embryo transfer, and the increase of aneuploidy rates in embryos with the advanced mother age are shown (1).

It was reported that pregnancy rates have doubled and implantation rates have shown increase in the rates of 50%, when 24 chromosome technology is used in PGS.

It is an important technique that can be used to choose the competent embryo for the single embryo transfer in IVF cycles.

Preventing multiple pregnancies is also aimed with the single embryo transfer as a result of increasing implantation rates and detailed elimination of embryos to be transferred with PGS, which is administered by screening 24 chromosomes.