Egg donation (egg implantation) is a method of treatment which carried out in cases such as menopause, early menopause, hormonal causes, chromosomal disorders, removal of ovaries. This method is used for women who can not get pregnant genetically. The eggs received from young donor women are fertilized with sperms received from their partners (husbands) in the laboratory environment, the embryo is formed and then it is placed into their own uterus. Sperm donation is legally carried out in Georgia. Egg quality is very important for the success of the operation. Due course of law, there are very strict rules on donor acceptance. Donors must be between 21-35 years old and have a baby.

After comprehensive physical and psychological examinations, infectious diseases tests, genetic tests for genetic diseases and ethnical screening are carried out; only compatible candidates are accepted as donors after the confidentiality agreement is made. You may choose donors online by looking at photos and features as we can do for you. All of your operations will be carried out under confidentiality rules. You may be sure that we will be together with you during the detailed explanation and planning of the treatment to you, your arrival, legal process, treatment implementation, accommodation, all kinds of guidance and returning, with our experienced team.