Genetic Consultation

Genetic consultation aims to decrease the frequency of genetic diseases in the society and to prevent their repetition.

Identification of genetic risks, determining the repetition risks of diseases and planning of prenatal diagnosis, more importantly briefing the family about the disease constitute the primary goals of genetic consultancy.

What are the Circumstances Requiring to Get Genetic Consultancy?

1- Repeating Miscarriages

2- Child births with genetic diseases

3- Individuals having familial and chronic medical history

4- Old age pregnancies (over 35)

5- Pregnant women carrying risk of genetic diseases according to the screening test results

6- Couples with kin marriage

7- Risky pregnancy cases as a result of ultrasanographic examination

8- Couples living in an environment where specific diseases are observed (those diseases are frequently seen in those areas-

for example Mediterranean Fever etc.)

9- Couples having medical history of genetic disease, which is encountered as familial automasal recessive or dominant.