Surrogate Motherhood Legislation

This brings with some medical and legislative situations. Surrogate motherhood is a very sensitive issue in terms of legislation. Decision of choosing the mother who will carry the baby is generally left to the couples. Institutions do not want to take responsibility in these issues. Especially, in some cases, you can see that only the legislative procedures are carried out there and surrogate mother is found by the couples. Medical availability of surrogate mother and making necessary medical checks are important factors before the transaction. For surrogate mothers is necessary not to have genetic illnesses, psychological disorders and any disease which has the risk of contagiousness.

Necessary Legislative Cautions About Surrogate Motherhood

Surrogate motherhood brings with some important procedures which should be taken in to consideration legislatively. This procedure must necessarily be constituted with a contract which saves the rights of both sides and signed by them. Especially, the emotional situation of the surrogate mother should be taken into consideration and taking psychological support during the process should be guaranteed and monitored. At this point, what should be done in case of a problem while surrogate mother carries the baby; resolution mechanism in possible abortion and the procedures to follow; what is custody situation in case of a possible divorcement of parent during the process; medical checks of surrogate mother; what should be done in case of possible death of parents of the baby; visiting situations of surrogate mother after giving birth; financial processes; all procedures before, during and after birth must be included in the detailed contract.

At the legislative stage, predicting different cases and setting clear rules will save the rights of both the mother who carries the baby during nine months in her womb and the biological parents. Therefore, at this stage, a legislative support is a must. Moreover, in some regions like Crete, it is not intervened to the process of finding surrogate mothers, because it brings a number of different responsibilities with it. Especially the psychological situation of surrogate mother is the leading point. As a result, beside with the genetic conditions and contagiousness, psychology is one of the close situation whichaffectthe baby. Getting over this process is important for all.