In Which Countries Surrogate Motherhood is Legal

In Which Countries Surrogate Motherhood is Legal

Who must Apply to the Surrogate Motherhood?

  • Those who don't have uterus congenitally,

  • Women whose uterus is taken by operation,

  • whose womb is not suitable for pregnancy,

  • Those whose health is not suitable for giving birth because of s reasons like heart and such risky diseases must apply for surrogate motherhood.

The IVF is not a suitable method for the cases stated above. The IVF can be explained as a treatment method for women who are not able to becomepregnant with classical methods.

If you make search about in which countries is surrogate motherhood is legal? you will learn that is not legal in our country. This situation which is forbidden according to the penalty Law, includes all of the stages from development of the baby until its coming to own home. This application is performed legally in Georgia, Crete, Belgium, USA, Brasil and South Africa. Georgia is one of the best regions. The babies who are born by this application use the nutriment and the oxygen that their surrogate mothers have. They are affected by the psychological situations that the mother candidate experiences. Especially, because of the risk of having the platoon diseases like AIDS, health of surrogate mothers must be controlled seriously.

Is Surrogate Mother Paid in Anyway?

While it is strictly forbidden to do this as a trade, it has been deemed necessary to pay certain costs to a woman who has been pregnant for nine months in many places. It is necessary to follow this procedure with doctor whose experience is proved. As the process is hard and struggling, agreement of surrogate mother and the parent who owns the baby is a must in every deal. The stressful waiting process for couples who cannot have baby is necessarily carried out only in the countries that legally allows it. The main target of surrogate motherhood is giving the baby to the its mother'sarms.

The next question after the question of in which countries is surrogate motherhood legal is that how to choose surrogate mother? In order to have healthy baby, it is important to choose the mother candidate. In the countries that allow surrogate motherhood, specific institutions give references to make this selection. It shouldn't be missed out that every woman cannot be surrogate mother. It is important that the surrogate mother candidate must be psychologically healthy during the process to be experienced. The problems such as attachment to baby or not delivering babies after birth are among the first problems that can be experienced. You may have information about in which countries surrogate motherhood is legal from your doctor.