In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Georgia

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Georgia

It is extremely important for both parties to be in a reliable hands in any situation to be experienced in this process. It is essential that couples should be rely on their doctors for the success of the treatment.

Is Surrogate Parenting Service Provided in Georgia?

Yes. Georgia offers ideal options in terms of fertility. These options include several treatments such as in vitro fertilization, egg donation, surrogate parenting, and sperm donation. Georgia satisfies its customers by offering these services with adequate medical equipment. For the families that have infertility problems, the ideal method would be to administer IVF treatment. For the mothers who can not carry their baby in their uterus for a variety of reasons, those who give this service are called surrogate mothers. The embryo is created with one of the appropriate fertility treatments for the initiation of the surrogate parenting process and the embryo is embedded into the candidate's uterus who undertook this task. Surrogate mother's task begins at this stage. Routine checks and the pregnancy process are completed by this person. In Georgia, all legal proceedings related to surrogate parenting can be accomplished easily. In addition, the country hosts experienced staff in IVF.

  • Success rates of IVF treatment success is determined according to:

  • the age of the patients,

  • the diagnosis,

  • the provided clinical services,

The chosen medical doctor's expertise and experience. Georgia clinics, which have the highest success rates in Europe with the use of IVF methodology, are doing their utmost self-sacrificing work through not only their doctors but also the entire team.

Surrogate parenting, IVF, egg and sperm donations are not new treatmens, but each experience and technological development in these treatments provides an increase in success rate.

Once couples have found the correct address, other steps follow it including contacting to the relevant clinic, choosing their surrogate mother, making contracts, medical procedures, and traveling to Georgia. Despite all the effort and laborious process, the pregnancy process will begin with a positive response from the clinic, and the surrogate mother will be supervised by the relevant clinic in this process.

Who Can Receive Surrogate Parenting Service?

  • If the expectent mother does not have an uterus,

  • If the expectent mother's health problems are obstacle for pregnancy and birth,

  • If women who have repeatedly undergone miscarriage, she can receive Surrogate Parenting Service.

In order to complete the surrogate parenting or IVF in the centers of Georgia, the clinics prepare programs for the couples, including accomodation and social activities.

Successful families who complete the process can apply to the own Embassy in Tbilisi to obtain the baby's passport and required travel documents to return home. Families who start the journey as a couple complete their journey as three people and return home happily.