Surrogate Motherhood Costs

Surrogate Motherhood Costs

Hence this situation that woman cannot not have a baby can cause destructive effect upon many marriages. If you think that a woman cannot have a baby because she does not have uterus, you are wrong. Although surrogate motherhood is not legally accepted in Turkey and Cyprus, this method is normal in Georgia, and you can have a baby at in vitro fertilization centers in these countries by means of surrogate motherhood. You can apply to this way to have a baby because costs of surrogate motherhood are very economic.

Surrogate Motherhood Issue

First of all you must know that surrogate mother has any genetic effect upon the baby. You can apply to this method if you:

  • Do not have uterus from birth,

  • Your uterus is removed because of any reason,

  • Have a problem which will affect you to give birth,

  • experience failed pregnancy always.

First of all, sperm and vitelline cells are taken from father and mother, then they are fertilized in laboratory environment, but this fertilization is placed into directly uterus of surrogate mother because there is problem in uterus of mother. Because costs of surrogate motherhood are economic you can have a baby by using your own genetic features.

Genetic Status of Baby

You can be sure about that genetic features of baby will be same with you because vitelline and sperm will be taken from you. In other words, only the duty of surrogate mother is to carry the baby. Therefore, by researching the costs of surrogate motherhood, you can have a baby who has your own genetic features. You can apply this in clinics only in abroad. At in vitro fertilization centers especially in Georgia you can carry out these processes economically.

Many people think that this method is expensive but be sure about that costs of surrogate motherhood are not as expensive as you think. In other words, you can reserve this budget easily and can have a baby. In some situations, vitelline or sperm belonging to someone else is needed. In that case, although baby does not have same genetic features with you, it will be delivered you. You encounter these kind of situations in case of early menopause or infertility. In that point, sperm or vitellined belonging to someone else and your sperm and vitelline are fertilized in laboratory environment and then are placed into uterus of surrogate mother. Thus you canalways have a chance to have a baby.