Egg donation for patients with menopause

Egg donation for patients with menopause

Egg donation for patients with menopause is a process of transferring the embryo obtained by fertilization with the eggs of a healthy woman and the sperm of the partner of the woman who has entered the menopause. The babies who were born with this method from the beginning will be brought up in a peaceful environment.

How did egg donation occur?

This process was first tried in cows to increase meat and milk production. The same method applied in our country for many years has also been made applicable to humans with the application of egg donation in menopausal patients. It is recommended that couples who plan to make the transaction prefer a corporate center that is

  • expert in their fields,
  • known throughout the world,
  • a help couples at every step of the process
  • and a corporate center using the latest technologies.

To see the process only as transplantation of healthy eggs to the woman's womb means to consider egg donation unimportant. At this stage, it is never forgotten that the egg donor is also a woman. As it is stated in the criteria by the Ministry Of Labor Health And Social Affairs, the tests applied to the candidate before the egg donation are;

  • Psychological tests,
  • Serological tests,
  • gynecologic tests
  • blood tests and
  • genetic tests

After the donor has passed these tests, she is given a certificate accompanied by a profile list. An acceptance document showing that the person who donates the eggs agrees that she has done this donation voluntarily and that she does not have any request for the transaction and that she hasn't accepted this transaction by forcing. It is suggested that egg donation, which is a very sensitive process, should be done and monitored by expert and authorized bodies.

What is Sperm Donation?

The process, also known as sperm transplantation, is a method that is applied to those who have a reason that their sperm cells can not fertilize the partner's egg. This is why sperm donation is also known as a method applied by healthy women who want to have a baby without getting married. The success of pregnancy in sperm donation depends on certain rules. Among these

  • age of mother candidate,
  • egg reserve,
  • The quality of the embryo to be formed can be considered as the most important criteria.

During the egg donation process, the partner of the woman who is transplanted the egg never meets the woman who donates the egg. It is also not recommended to contact each other afterward. It is also necessary to consider the possibility that everything is not going well during the process.

Egg donation for patients with menopause is usually used by women: who do not respond to IVF treatments, who can not produce a of good quality eggs for some genetic reasons, whose the egg reserves had completely taken out due to any health problem, and who had suffered from ovarian damage due to cancer treatment or chemical treatment.