Is Surrogate Motherhood and Surrogacy Legal in Georgia, Tbilisi, Batumi?

Is Surrogate Motherhood and Surrogacy Legal in Georgia, Tbilisi, Batumi?

Because whatever happens if their health problems do not let them to give birth, then unfortunately they have to try different ways to have a baby. For example, you need to know that many people have a baby with surrogate motherhood. But unfortunately this is not legal in our country. In other words the answer of the question Is Surrogate Motherhood Legal? is unfortunately No, it isn't. However, this is not true for every country. So you can benefit from this service abroad. For example, Georgia Tbilisi, Batumi has the most in vitro fertilization centers, and surrogate motherhood is a widely used method there. If you are wondering whether surrogate motherhood is legal in Georgia, yes, it is legal. So, you have to go there for this method as well.

Why isn't surrogate motherhood legal in some countries?

First of all, every country rules and laws are different from abroad.By law, a baby's mother is considered to be the one who gave birth to her. If another woman gives birth your baby, the law will accept that woman as the mother. Therefore, it causes the families that have baby with surrogate motherhood method to be in a very difficult situation. So, In many countries, the answer to the question of the is surrogate motherhood legal becomes no to avoid the problem. But because the surrogate motherhood is legal abroad, especially in Georgia, and many people use this method, you areable to havebaby in this country without any problems.

Why Surrogate Mother?

First of all, there are many answers for this question, but it is also possible to say that they all come out the same place. Because, an uterus is needed to carry a baby and many women are having a problem with their uterus.

  • Some women do not have uterus from birth.

  • Some women may loose their uterus because of cancer.

  • Some women may have serious health problems

  • Some woman's uterus may not have proper structure for carrying a baby.

Therefore, developing a baby within a surrogate mother is a situation favored by many in vitro fertilization centers. If you want to investigate whether the surrogate motherhood is legal, then you will get many results.