In Vitro fertilization (IVF) Centers

In Vitro fertilization (IVF) Centers

The father candidate may also experience hormonal disturbances, genetic disorders, sperm channel blockage, etc. In the in vitro fertilization centers can not benefit from the sperm of the father candidate in such situations, when the sperm donation method is preferred. In this method, In Vitro fertilization centers apply spermatozoa obtained from male donors donating sperm, together with meticulousness and confidentiality, to the ovaries of the mother who wants to have children. Their identity is never exposed. When a man donates sperm, he never learns which pair of sperm is given. In vitro fertilization centers also allow for the best possible concealment and protection of such information. However, the preferred sperm genetic traits are determined by couples who want to have children (eye color, height, weight, etc.).

In vitro fertilization Center Operations And Locations

Surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation and in vitro fertilization methods are the methods that families who can not have children nowadays apply. These applications require very good research and good prices. For these applications applied in vitro fertilization centers, the best price packages are offered. Some centers offer package prices for accommodation, travel, visas and treatment methods. You can also get prices singly if you want.

Surrogacy is legal in Georgia. In Georgia, if you are in contact with Vitro fertilization centers, they may be able to help you with matters such as surrogacy. It is used in cases that the mother's uterus is not great to carry a baby, the mother does not have the uterus from her birth, the mother candidate has a miscarriage many a time, and rarely the mothers afraid of their physics breakdown. It is not a very common occurrence in our country, it is a situation, that we can often see in foreign countries. Also, it is a method that some homosexuals applied to.


Surrogacy is a method, often based on a legal agreement, whereby a woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to give birth to a child for another person or persons who become the parents of the child after birth. Those who are not paid a fee are called voluntary surrogate mothers and those who are paid a fee are called rental surrogate mothers. In Georgia, the legal rights of surrogate mothers are clearly stated. Before the process takes place, the couple who wants to have a child and surrogate mother bear their rights to the notary. Couples who want to have children can handle both the paperwork and the medical procedure within a day.