How is Egg Donation Applied?

How is Egg Donation Applied?

Sperm Donation and Male Donor

There are some important points used as a base for the question of how sperm donation is applied. Sperms are donated by a different male donor, who are put to necessary health controls in terms of the health of the baby. Especially in these men, are controlled general factors such as length, weight, statute, and health. Priorities which are paid attention to how sperm donation applied are:

  • Whether a man whose sperms are taken has any infectious disease (Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis, etc.) or not.
  • Whether man has any genetic disease (cystic fibrosis, karyotype, etc) or not,
  • Other diseases, regional diseases or secret infectious diseases,
  • General controls of sperm and whether sperms is fertilized or not,
  • Blood group, the health of man and other factors,

- All these are among the important factors about how sperm donation is applied. Thus, the process of pregnancy starts after the sperm of man healthily is taken and is become an embryo with egg-cell of a woman and then this embryo is placed into the uterus. In these processes, all factors which will be able to threaten the health of the baby and mother are controlled in detail.

How egg Donation (Vitellibe Transferring) is Applied - The Costs

Egg donation is carried out in case that a woman lost her ability of fertility or can not fulfill fertility. In this method, there are some differences in the transformation of the egg-cell of the woman into an embryo with sperm. In egg-cell transferring, there is a direct transfer between the egg-cell of women. It is a process, healthy egg-cell of a woman and vestigial egg-cell of woman are taken, and then healthy egg-cell is added. The thus successful egg-cell transferring process is carried out. These processes carried out with the most appropriate price alternatives play a big role for a thousand women to become pregnant. This kind of process is carried out in In Vitro Fertilization Centers in Georgia successfully.