How is the Surrogate Mother Found?

How is the Surrogate Mother Found?

Surrogate motherhood is the process of transferring the eggs of a woman who wants to be a mother and who cannot get pregnant due to some reasons, to another women for carrying, as a result of fertilization with her partners sperms in laboratory conditions.

How is the surrogate mother found in Georgia?

After legalization of surrogate motherhood in Georgia, the IVF centers of high quality is approved after the control of doctors who are expert in their branches for finding proper mother. Candidates in the age range of 20-30 years who are not infectious diseases can be carriers. The carrier mother must pass all psychological tests successfully. The carrier mother must pass all psychological tests successfully.

How is the Surrogate Mother Found?

After all the tests are done physically, the surrogate mothers are selected among the best candidates which have proved that they can achieve the surrogate motherhood. One of the questions asked is, does the baby carrier mother take the genetics? The baby gets genes from her biological parents. Except from using of the surrogate mother’s oxygen and nutrients, the baby carries the characteristic of his parents biologically.

Contracts and Legal Terms for Surrogate Motherhood For the Surrogate Motherhood Contracts of the IVF centers in Georgia, the legal provisions which are made by professional lawyers are drawn up studiously, so that the parents and the surrogate mother are not damaged. The contract prepared by lawyers are being implemented in order to proceed with a perfect process. First-class legal support is being prepared to fully guarantee the future of the family.

How is the Surrogate Mother Found?

Thanks to the contract Which is prepared by considering your worries such as Is he the right candidate? Do we have a problem?, the families feel more peaceful.

In countries where surrogate mother is at liberty, the born baby is the baby of biological mother and father. In the countries where it is not legally recognized, the baby is the baby of carrier mother.

Is any Charge Paid to Surrogate Mother?

In countries where surrogate mother is legal a charge is paid, although some women do not want to do this for a fee, a certain charge is paid to the surrogate mother for the compensation of pregnancy costs, disabled time except from the cost of maternity dresses, as required by law.

In most countries, the concept of surrogate motherhood is not welcomed, but people can have their own children. Those who do not want to adopt, want to keep their roots, can have babies by transferring their embryos to another woman's womb. It is a great hope for those who have lost their womb orare unable to have a baby because of other diseases. Every woman wants to be a mother after a certain age. It is the last hope for those who see the surrogate motherhood method as a remedy to have a baby who will genetically carry the characteristics of both mother and father.