In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - Comments

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - Comments

You may reach the desirable health center and find all the details about the IVF comments.

In Vitro Fertilization Method

In the in vitro fertilization method, the egg of the woman and the sperm of the man are fertilized in the laboratory environment and transferred to the mother's womb. There are some legislative regulations for in vitro fertilization treatment. The number of embryos is being controlled with these laws and some support is provided by the state. For example, the state supports the first three trials of the in vitro fertilization method.

Until the age of 44, all women can try this. While the number of embryo placement for under 35 years is one, it is two above this age. Medicine support is also provided during the treatment. The probability which is fifty percent declines to forty percent with the risk of aborts.

You may find several notes about the in vitro fertilization in comments. Of course, you may take these comments as advice, but the selection of health centers should be made carefully and their suggestions should be assessed correctly and legislation must be examined.

The Countries Providing Support for In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

When you make a research about in vitro fertilization comments, you may see Georgia and Cyprus too. There are alternative countries for the in vitro fertilization treatment which is serviced legally. Some of the reasons behind the request to these countries are different laws and embryo applications. For example, all of the health centers in Georgia allow trying three embryones. This attracts couples. Also, in these countries, there are surrogate mothers, sperm and egg donor methods, which are not legal in Turkey. In this case, couples who cut off the hope of in vitro fertilization and made their last trials try different treatments in health institutions in these countries. If you have an intent to try these kinds of treatments in different countries, you should consider legal conditions and extra factors. The health institutions that provide services to the couples from Turkey explain the details in the Turkish language in their web pages and support the couples in every way from the accommodation to the legal procedures. In addition to the comments you read on this topic, you can also request information from treatment centers.